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2022 tournament championships

“There are three types of golf. Golf. Tournament golf. Major championship golf.” 


–Grantland Rice

men's EVENTS

Ferriell Cup

Overall Gross

Drew Shafer & Briam Slama

Overall Net

Dr. Jeff Greenberg & Chris Waters

Gross Flight Champions

Nick Deets & David Moore

Mike House & Dr. Greg Werner

Doug Connor & Marty Losch

Mike Robins & David Symmes

Andy Mohr & Jake Upton

Christian Browning & Dr. Pete Maiers

Net Flight Champions

Andrew Frandsen & Kent Frandsen

Jack Burns & Tom Herman

Kyle Crawford & Dave Shepherd

Jim Powers & Mike Kilkenny

Jim Adams & Dr. Mick Venturini

John Workman & Bruce McCaw

Crooked Stick Invitational

Overall Champions

Christian Browning & Chad Kauffman 

Flight Champions: 

Crooked Stick: Andy LeBlanc & Dan Rothschild 

Ocean Course: David Moore & John Montgomery

TPC Sawgrass: Michael Millikan & George Kalas

Honors Course: Daniel Moore & Adam Rapp

Oak Tree: David Charles & Danny Charles

Teeth of the Dog: Richard Halderman & William Moore

Whistling Straits: Eddie White & Jim Davis

Old Marsh: Andy Neher & Jim Phillips

Long Cove: Dr. Jeff Greenberg & Dr. John Fatti

French Lick: John McDowell & Jonathan McDowell

President's Cup


Dr. Scott Farnham


Dr. John Zience

Two Man Better Ball

Overall Gross

Michael Collins & Graham Summers

Runner Up

Kevin Koven & Wil Pahud

Overall Net

Mark Kyker & Kevin Langford

Runner Up

Brian & Beau Pahud

White Tee Gross Champions

Overall Gross

Dr. Mick Venturini & Dr. John Zience

Overall Net

David Kenley & Doug Perry


Alternate Shot

Overall Gross

Wil Pahud & Justin Klausner

Runner Up

David Moore & Graham Summers

Overall Net

Jim Curtis, Jr. & Ed Hourigan

Runner Up

Doug Perry & Dr. David Kenley

White Tee Gross

Jim Adams & Dr. John Zience

White Tee Net

Boyd Hovde & Jack Shaw


Black Tee Championship


Drew Shafer

Runner Up



Michael Millikan

Red Tee Championship

Overall Gross

Paul Major

Overall Net

Travis Tucker


Overall Gross


Overall Net



Sr. Club Championship

Overall Gross

David Moore

Overall Gross Runner Up

Nick Deets

Overall Net

Dr. Ray Harwood

Overall Net Runner Up

David Symmes

White Tee Overall Gross

Dr. Naval Sondhi

White Tee Overall Net

Bob Fritsche


Men’s Club Championship

Overall Champion

Drew Shafer

2nd Place 

Matt Servies

3rd Place

Max French

Blue Tee Champion

Kent Frandsen

Blue Net Champion

Sam Tancredi

White Tee Champion

Dr. Naval Sondhi

Net Champion

Eddie White

Old Buddy






Junior Club Championship


Jackson McCullough


Couples Club Championship

White Tee Gross

Dr. Rick & Karen Bennett

White Tee Net

Christian & Amie Browning


Pete Dye Cup


Steve Polizzi & Seth Fair

Flight Winners

Marquis de Sod: David Moore & Bill Pollert 

Dye-Abolical: Dr. Greg Werner & Sean Rowen 

Prince of Dirt: Brian Pahud & Patrick White 

Monster Maker: David Symmes & Will Hutter

2022 Order of Merit 

Gold Tee

Drew Shafer
Matt Servies
Max French
Phil French
David Moore
Ames Walker
Aaron Greenlee
Dr. Greg Werner
Joe Brown
Jackson Fairweather

Blue Tee

Kent Frandsen
Ken Dilger,
Dr. Scott Farnham
Rick Kocerha
Tim Skelton
Jack Burns
Bill Mitchell
David Symmes
Tom Bedsole
Sam Tancredi

White Tee

Dr. Naval Sondhi,
Jack Bayt
Dr. Scott Shapiro
Jim Adams
Eddie White
Dr. Mitesh Shah

Parent-Child Championship 

18 Hole Champions-Gross

David & Parker Moore

18 Hole Champions-Net

Dan & James Philpott

9 Hole Champions-Gross

Drew & Jack Shafer

9 Holes Champion-Net

Brian & Hunter Slama

Member-Caddie Championship

Overall Gross Champions

Dr. Rick Rink & Joey Ranieri

Overall Net Champions

Michael Millikan & Luke Blank

women's EVENTS

Alice Dye Guest Day Medal Play  

Medal Play Overall Gross

Karen Bennett, Linda Richter, Pat Hopple, Lisa Higgins

Medal Play Overall Net

Donna Venturini, Sue Russell, Mary Susott, Kathy Russell

Better Ball Overall Gross


Better Ball Overall Net


Club Championship

Overall Gross

Karen Bennett

Overall Net

Valerie Farnham


Better Ball Championship 

Overall Gross

Angela White & Karen Bennett 

Overall Net

Liz Heyworth & Amie Browning

Junior Club Championship


Michaela Headlee

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